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Solar CCTV Camera

Solar CCTV Camera

A solar-powered security camera uses solar panels to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Then, an inverter transitions the direct current to an alternating current (AC) which can be used to power the CCTV. A lack of sunlight isn't an issue either. When there isn't sunlight, the solar power CCTV receives power from rechargeable batteries which store extra electrical power generated by the solar panel. Solar power CCTV isn’t just perfect for geographically challenging environments. Because it can be used to monitor off-grid places and remote areas, it is the ideal solution for construction sites of all sizes and locations, where running cables can be expensive or aren’t always possible. Shop product image! These batteries can also be used normally to your non solar inverters. The panels in the system gather solar energy and convert it to electricity, which then enters your home via the inverter. Solar battery is an additional component that helps you to store energy that your panels generate and use at a later time.

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